Why should I use banahMETA in my concrete products?

Simply put it is about making concrete better – therefore it adds value to concrete.  Below is a list of reasons why, however they won’t all be applicable for every application! It depends upon your (or your clients) requirements;


  • Durability
  • Chloride and Sulfate resistance
  • Early strength when compared to GGBS
  • Workability and finishing enhancement


  • Permeability
  • Potential for efflorescence
  • Effects of alkali-silica reaction
  • Carbon, sulfur and heavy metals

What is banahMETA?

banahMETA is an ingredient for concrete.  It is a powder, which when included in concrete can greatly improve it’s properties. banahMETA is made from a natural clay source, which is then milled down to size and then thermally heat treated to activate some properties in it.  It has metakaolin in it, which reacts with free lime (portlandite), which is often regarded as the weak link in concrete systems. This reaction, binds up the portlandite and makes the concrete denser and stronger as result.


Is it covered by standards?

Yes – today banahMETA complies to BS8500 as a type I filler.  There is more info below on specific standards and developments:

EN 206 - Variation between member states e.g:

  • NF EN 206 permits metakaolin as Type II addition provided the material conforms to NF P18-513:2012 Additions pour béton hydraulique – Métakaolin – Spécifications et critères de conformité.
  • BS EN 206 excludes metakaolin as a Type II addition.

BS 8500 - UK national annex to EN 206

  • Currently being revised to permit the use of both 'P' and 'Q' category pozzolans as Type II additions.
  • Pozzolan must conform to a new combined product standard.

BS 8615 - Specification for pozzolanic materials for use with portland cement

  • Agreed draft out for public comment to be granted by November 2018

How do I use it? 

banahMETA is a very simple solution to use. It is a powder that can be added into a concrete mix, replacing some of the cement content.  Simply put, if you take 10% of your cement out – we would recommend that you add the same amount of banahMETA back into the mix.


Why should I trust this new technology? 

banahMETA is a product that learns from the past to create a sustainable future. Whilst banahMETA is a relively new brand name and product, it is based on roman cements which continue to last the test of time.  It is well documented that romans concretes are renowned for being extremely durable and that is due the addition of pozzolanic material (or pozzolans) in the concrete. banahMETA is a pozzolan. It is based on a naturally occurring clay, that we engineer using 21st Century technology to make suitable for the high quality standards and consistency that should be expected in construction.


What is a pozzolan?

Official EN 197-1 description of a pozzolan is:  ‘natural substances of siliceous or silico-aluminous composition, that do not harden themselves but, when finely ground and in the presence of water, they react at normal temperatures with dissolved calcium hydroxide to form strength developing calcium silicate and calcium aluminate compounds.’


What about the colour?

The powder is rich terracotta colour, when it is dosed into concretes or mortars, the results is a light natural buff sandstone colour.  This can be adjusted by varying the amount of banahMETA dosed into the mixed, or indeed by usual methods of using additional pigments or dyes.


How is it delivered?

banahMETA is provided in bulk tanker load.  Or if needs be, can be supplied in large bulk bags.


How do I purchase it?

Contact the sales team by email sales@banahuk.co.uk or by phone 0044 28 7034 4339.