Key Properties
High Performance

banahCEM outperforms Portland cements in many circumstances.

Chemical Resistance

The absence of calcium compounds results in high resistance to sulfates.

Rapid Strength Gain

banahCEM achieves approx. 50% of its 28 day strength at 9 hours, allowing minimal down time on projects.

Fire Resistance

banahCEM has been extensively fire tested and remains stable at more than twice the failure temperature of typical Portland cements.

High Strength

banahCEM’s strength can be designed to a client’s requirements with compressive strengths available in excess of 130N/mm2.

banahCEM product range is a new group of low-carbon cements based on a geopolymeric binder system. They have been specifically developed to produce products that are resistant to chemical and heat attack or may be used as a low-carbon replacement for Portland cements.

banahCEM ACID is a geopolymer cement that is optimised for acid resistance for applications that result in exposure to acidic environments where low pH levels would cause significant damage to Portland cement.

In addition to the normal benefits offered by a geopolymer cement, banahCEM is characterised by a rich terracotta colour.

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