banahCEM; revolutionary new low-carbon cement

Developed by banah UK Ltd, banahCEM is a revolutionary new low-carbon cement based on a geopolymer binder system, also known as an Alkali Activated Cement. Consisting of two components – a powder, banahCEM (a) and an activator , banahCEM (b) – the banahCEM cements can be utilised in numerous products that have applications across a wide range of industries. banahCEM boasts a number of unique, innovative properties – it is a heat resistant cement: stable at more than twice the failure temperature of typical Portland cement; it is an acid resistant cement: with a high resistance to acids and sulfates; it is a fast setting cement: achieving 40N/mm2 (MPa) within 3 hours; and it is an environmentally friendly cement: with the potential to reduce carbon emissions by up to 80% during manufacturing. Put simply, banahCEM is cement reimagined….